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How "Zek's Foundation of Hope" was born..

Ezekiel Simmons is the Inspiration Behind Z.F.O.H.

 Ezekiel Simmons was in a car accident on May 18th, 2020  after dropping his girlfriend off at work. On May 20th, 2020 our lives were turned upside down as the family had to make the choice to take him off life support.

A bright young soul gained his wings at 18 years old, taking a little piece of all of us with him.

He played basketball, loved music, and just loved being around family and friends. Ezekiel was a young father trying to find his place with a brand new baby girl to provide for.

His family watched him navigate through life dealing with the same struggles as most adults, but as a teenage father. He was working to get back on track to graduate high school and get his license before this tragic accident.

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Ezekiel was my younger brother, and I too was a teenage parent. Giving birth to 2 children before I left high school and like him, my family was my support. I graduated high school and got a track scholarship.

 Eventually, I returned home to raise my babies. I did not graduate or fulfill my track scholarship but after many years and jobs I was able to go back to college and graduate with a B.S from the University of Indianapolis. 

There is so much going on in life that can knock you off track. You say to yourself “next year” and it just doesn’t happen. WELL!



Zek’s Foundation of HOPE wants to instill hope, love, and support to young families struggling with the challenges we face daily through education, positive relationships and self- reliance.

Our programs will provide that extra needed support through parenting education, family and peer support, health and wellness, counseling, and financial literacy. Just to name a few. It truly takes a village!! I look forward to your continued support!

Much love, Kara Fonville Founder